Monday, 28 March 2011

i miss you to DEATH !

walk with me , the path of life .
to explore every bend on the road 
enjoy with me the beauty of life .
along is wonderful way .

find comfort with me , in each other arms .
when grief across our path .
find strenght with me , in each other strenght .
when despair lie in wait .

laugh with me , a single true laugh .
to enligthen another's distress .
cry with me , a single true tear .
to understand true happiness .

cherish with me , the wonder of life .
as they need to preserved
rejoice with me , in the mysteries .
of what is yet to be .

find peace with me , in each other's soul .
when the world has gone insane .
find love with me , in each other's hearts .
until this life has been fulfilled .

and when the path to an end .
i hope we can say from within .
we've known the beauty of true love .
our love came from within .

'your eyes
which first held me captivated .
where i stood .

your smile 
to dazzle the sun 
and warm every corner of my soul .

your voice 
like a sparklin mountain stream 
which flows into my heart .

your hand
whose caress i crave 
to hold my face
in their thenderness .

your arm 
i long to have around my neck 
as you pull me close 
to your warmth .

most of all 
everyting you are 
changed the way i fell about my life .'


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