Monday, 28 March 2011

i miss you to DEATH !

walk with me , the path of life .
to explore every bend on the road 
enjoy with me the beauty of life .
along is wonderful way .

find comfort with me , in each other arms .
when grief across our path .
find strenght with me , in each other strenght .
when despair lie in wait .

laugh with me , a single true laugh .
to enligthen another's distress .
cry with me , a single true tear .
to understand true happiness .

cherish with me , the wonder of life .
as they need to preserved
rejoice with me , in the mysteries .
of what is yet to be .

find peace with me , in each other's soul .
when the world has gone insane .
find love with me , in each other's hearts .
until this life has been fulfilled .

and when the path to an end .
i hope we can say from within .
we've known the beauty of true love .
our love came from within .

'your eyes
which first held me captivated .
where i stood .

your smile 
to dazzle the sun 
and warm every corner of my soul .

your voice 
like a sparklin mountain stream 
which flows into my heart .

your hand
whose caress i crave 
to hold my face
in their thenderness .

your arm 
i long to have around my neck 
as you pull me close 
to your warmth .

most of all 
everyting you are 
changed the way i fell about my life .'


aten aten aten aten aten

kowg msty kenal daq ney kn ?
law kowg mw tw , dy ney laa
chenta hati ak . alhamdulillah
cz kteowg kekal smpi laa
ney . emm , nme dy ney .
fatin nuramyra bte faizal . 
pgey dy aten sudaa . simple .
kn kn ? HAHA ! okea . now
ak mw cte cm ne mle ak kenal
dy ney . HAHA ! sgan plak mw
cte . cmne ek nk start ? HAHA !
ak ney xreti sgt mw b'cerite neyh .
so , ak men taep jewla ap yg
ak rse nk taep k . emm , mse ak knl dy ,
kt kmelah . dy ekod mksu dy tawap2
kmelah . ak ney gn owg yg ak
xknl . ak buad smbong ak jew .
lntak laa dyurg nk ckp ap .
em , mse dy tawap2 toe .
dy lalu kt tmpt ak biase lpk .
ak buad jewla mcm biase cz xknl
nd xtw sape daq toe an .
tybe2 , mem ak ejam(punteng)
ckp kt ak . 'kw nk kenal
kew gn pmpuan ney ?' .
ak ckp ur ak xmw cz tkot 
kcau gf uwg . pas toe
daq ejam pw call mksu dy .
untok pengetahuan kowg .
mksu dy gn daq ejam
ney mem mse skula dlu .
pas je daq ejam call
mksu dy . mksu
dy ckp boley mw kenal .
xde hal . so , daq ejam bg ur 6be
daq atem kt ak .
mle ak mlz mw mcj/call
daq aten neyh cz sgan+mlu+bengang=????
ad satu mlm toe , ak rse bosan tahap dewa aw .
ak brani kn dri mcj dy .
branikn dri tok mcj je kots ? HAHA !
nd pas ak mcj dy , dy pw
rep mcj ak . haha . mle mlu gk nk knl
kn dri kt dy cz tkot xdlyn ny .
alhamdulillah dy rep mcj ak .
so , dr c2 start perkenalan kteorg .
mcj pny mcj pny mcj .
smpi 30/5/10 .
kteorg couple . mle laa
kteorg berchenta smpi laa ney .
mcm2 bnd jd kt kteorg .
yg baeq ak jd kn kenangn .
yg burok ak jd kn pengajaran .
bnd2 toe xmolek ur ak
cte cz tkot bt owg len trase kn ?
so , cte yg mne ak bley cte jew .
emm , laa ney kteowg still lg .
xde break2 ag . gdow toe
da base laa kn dlm berchenta .
HAHA ! fam dy pw da
tw sal kteorg . fam ak pw
sme . dy ckp kt ak yg mak ak
dlu mse skula adk agkt bpak dy .
HAHA ! ak dgar dy ckp gtoe .
puas ak glak . yewla , mne xny .
dlu mak ak gn bpak dy
da knl . skag ak lak gn dy .
HAHA ! xsgke gler ak .
emm ak se ckop jewla
smpi sney ak cte kt kowg .
ak xtw mw taep ap ag doe .
last skali , ak mnx kowg doa kn
ak bahagie gn dy sudaa laa
ea ? tengs pde yg da doa kn .
yg blom , doa2 kn laa
kbhagiaan kami keyh ?
ty .

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


salam ukhwah salam pumbuka bicara buad semua .
nme aku Muhammad Aliff Azizi b ZUlkifi .
pgey aku alep je k .
umo taon2011 , 19 .
muda ag kots ? HAHA ! em , aku
ney biase2 jew , xde pe yg bes nye gn aku neyh .
yg mana knl ak , tw laa ak cm ne .
jenis aku , xsuka mnunjuk slap yg org len da bt kt ak .

smpn dlm bhai ! HAHA !